[PREORDER] AROMEO Alpha - Miscato
[PREORDER] AROMEO Alpha - Miscato
[PREORDER] AROMEO Alpha - Miscato


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  • 1 Aromeo Alpha Diffuser
  • 1 Empty 10ml bottle & Nozzle
  • Aromeo App (compatible with iPhone)
  • Note that phone is not included


  • Pure essential oil diffusion - ensures quality
  • Without water, heat or other ingredients - no humidity, no compromise to the purity of essential oil
  • Insert whole essential bottle into diffuser - no need to add aroma for every diffusion - saves time
  • Use Aromeo App to schedule diffusion, control intensity, and much more
  • Wooden finish fits as a furniture piece in your decor


Pure and smooth aromatherapy diffusion without adding heat, water or other ingredients, which preserves the quality of your essential oil.  No need for water refill or topping up essential oil for every use, just plug in the whole bottle into the diffuser and diffuse without hassle. Perfect companion for urban dwellers, get more out of your Aromeo diffuser by scheduling aroma diffusion the way you want it - whether to turn off after you go to bed, start diffusing before you get home, make the aroma stronger or milder based on your mood - all from your mobile app.