Our Approach

We see aromatherapy as both an art that has been passed on from generation to generation and a scientific way to have better sleep, relieve stress and uplift the mood. Aromeo was born from the collaborative efforts of world renowned universities, and scientific evidence as well as spirit of innovation have been encoded Aromeo's DNA.

Committed to Evidence and Innovation

There may be many brands that provide essential oils or diffusers, however Aromeo is the only one that focuses on the development of science and technology behind aromatherapy. We continuously try to innovate new ways of enjoying aromatherapy, and publish research that pushes the boundaries of aromatherapy science.

Research Team

Aromeo has in-house research team of 6 people across multiple engineering disciplines, advised by Dr. Winnie Leung (lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with 10+ years of experience in Systems Design and Engineering).

Scientific Community

Our collaborative team is backed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Seoul National University, and Beijing Aeronautics University.

Award Winning Innovations

Aromeo is the pioneer of waterless multi-essential oil diffuser that can be controlled with an app, and has filed worldwide patents for their invention. The team continues to make innovations and has won numerous awards including GF Securities Gold Award, Nan Fung Smart City Award and Hong Kong Trade Development Council Startup Express. 

Aromatherapy and Perfumery

Aromeo Diffuser works together with top professional aromatherapists and perfumers to create solutions that are both healthy and fragrant. Advised by Asia Pacific Aromatherapy School and Hong Kong Perfume School.