Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the mist?

The mist is from the small hole at the top of the diffuser. You will not be able to see the mist (unless you put a black background behind it), because this is a waterless diffuser that diffuses pure essential oil.

2. How do I know it is diffusing?

You can hear the sound of diffusion (a light zzzz sound from air pump), and the mood light would pulse when it is diffusing. 

3. How do I know the app is connected properly?

Once you can access the diffusion page of the app, it means it is connected properly.

4. What kind of aroma can I use?

This diffuser is made for pure essential oils. It is not suitable for absolutes, massage oils, or other vegetable-based blended oils. 

5. How do I pour water into this diffuser?

You do not need to pour water into this diffuser, as it is a waterless diffuser that works with pure essential oil. 

6. What is a waterless diffuser?

Aromeo Diffuser does not require water or heat to diffuse essential oil, it works by supplying air to nebulise the essential oil. 

7. How long should I diffuse?

Recommended usage is 30-45 mins, with low or medium settings as recommended by aromatherapists. If you diffuse for too long, it can cause sensitisation. 

8. How long can each bottle last?

This depends on the type of essential oil you diffuse, and the intensity. But if you use it non-stop without break, it will last around 10 hours. But if you use it 30 minutes with medium setting every day, it can last you around 3 weeks. 

9. How big is the coverage?

Up to 75 sqm for the lighter oils (e.g. citrus). 

10. Do I need to clean the nozzle?

If you use the same nozzle for different essential oils, yes you do. It is advised that you clean it after each bottle. 

11. How do I clean the nozzle?

Pour some alcohol into the bottle, attach the nozzle, and run it for 20 minutes. 

12. How do I install the essential oil bottle?

Make sure you have the nozzle attached in the bottle, open the diffuser, then screw the bottle into the diffuser. 

13. Can I use my own essential oils?

Absolutely. We want to give as much freedom as possible to you. 10ml bottles work best, but 5ml or 15ml bottles work well too. 

14. Why is my diffuser leaking oil?

This may happen because the diffuser is moved when there is oil bottle inside. To prevent this, make sure the oil bottle is removed before you carry the diffuser around. This may also happen if the diffuser is tilted or turned upside down. Try not to do that when there is oil bottle inside. 

15. Why does my diffuser suddenly stop diffusing?

It is either because the schedule has ended, or it is just in the diffusion stop cycle. Note that Aromeo Diffuser does not diffuse all the time when it is in diffusion mode, instead it has diffuse-pause cycles. Most likely the diffuser is in the pause cycle, after waiting for several minutes it should come back to diffuse cycle again (unless the schedule is over).

16. Can I unplug the power source?

Of course, Aromeo Diffuser contains battery. Unless it is running out of battery (red light), you can unplug the power source and use it by running on battery. 

17. How do I know it is fully charged?

We have a charging indicator that turns green when it is charging properly. However, we do not have an indicator to show that it is fully charged. When the battery is running out (red light), simply charge the diffuser for around 2 hours. 

18. Why does the green charging light sometimes blink?

This is probably because of cable problem, try another USB charging cable (it is commonly used for a lot of appliances). 

19. What is the app for?

The app is for remotely diffusing essential oil, and scheduling aromatherapy sessions (for example, you can set the schedule of 6pm every night during your car commute to keep you alert, or 11pm every day before sleep to rock you to sleep). We are adding more and more features. Stay tuned!

20. How do I download the app? What do I type?

Please type 'AROMEO' in Apple App Store, currently our App is iOS only. When you see AROMEO: Aromatherapy and Sleep, it is the right app. 

21. How do I connect to app?

After you have downloaded the app, make sure the diffuser is in discoverable mode (blinking blue light) and your phone's bluetooth is on. Open the app, and you will be able to find the diffuser listed in the app. 

22. What do I do if the phone suddenly disconnects from diffuser?

Please restart the phone, make sure your bluetooth is on, and try again. Usually this happens if there are some problems with the phone. 

23. My app freezes. What do I do?

Please restart the phone, make sure your bluetooth is on, and try again. Usually this happens if there are some problems with the phone.