Join Our Wellness Journey

Aromeo Diffuser is founded on two pillars of wellness and technology. We believe wellness aides could help people to live better, and technology could enable seamless wellness experience. Take a look at current job openings.

Android App Developer

Design architecture and lead development of Android App. Full time and intern openings available. 

Say Hello to Aromeo Team

Look at what makes joining Aromeo Team a unique opportunity.

Focused = Fun!

We love doing sprints! Intense ideation sessions, rapid prototyping and get instant feedbacks from real customers in just a week. Imagine your favorite group project, but you can do it almost daily. Our office is filled with post-its, doodles, stickers - more like a kindergarten than an office at times.

Grow Together

We invest in people first and foremost. We have educational and internal job trainings in your field of choice to help you grow, so we can grow together with you. From series of technology and management workshops, talks, pitches, to the freedom to start new initiatives together. Your imagination is the limit. 

Uplift Yourself

Everyone in Aromeo Team is focused on uplifting themselves to become the best version of themselves; imagine an office full of people focused on self improvement! We are wellness and health junkies (gym, yoga, badminton, cross-fit, body building, nutrition and yes, aromatherapy). And our office smells AMAZING

Feel Secure

We put our team members' livelihood to the highest priority. We offer competitive salaries, fully covered medical insurance and employee saving scheme (in accordance to MPF). 

Welcome to Our Home

Check out these sneak peeks into the home of Aromeo Team.