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About Us (New)

Aromeo as a bridge between wellness and technology

Our Mission

Aromeo is founded on two pillars of wellness and technology. We believe wellness aides could help people to live better, and technology could enable seamless wellness experience.

Our Story

Michelle, an avid wellness practitioner and an industrial engineer, has been in the wellness industry the last 6 years, starting from using essential oil, to making handmade skincare products, to selling DIY skincare kits, then offering aromatherapy gifts & workshops, to now Aromeo Diffuser.

One day in 2016 while using her humidifying aroma diffuser and reading a book at the same time, she realised that it was not intuitive to put down her book just to swap the aroma or add more water into the diffuser. That moment the idea for Aromeo Diffuser was born - because there had to be a better way to integrate technology into the aromatic and wellness lifestyle. Michelle then invited a group of enthusiastic founders to join her in this journey to bridge wellness and technology. 

Aromeo's flagship product, Aromeo Diffuser, is a patented smart aromatherapy system that is waterless, accommodates multiple aroma, and can be wirelessly controlled through app. Aromeo also curates other products that can support people to achieve their wellness goals. 

Our team