How We Use Technology

At its core, Aromeo marries the world of wellness with the world of technology by pledging its mission to create products that help people have happier lives. This means discovering novel ways to deliver wellness in everyday life, using technology. Through our proprietary technology, Aromeo is able to add one more dimension to the digital lifestyle - the dimension from the sense of smell.

Aromeo Diffuser Patent: Application in Product

Aromeo Diffuser's Utility Patent is the product of the following combinations of front-running consumer technologies:

Nebulizing Diffuser
With this pressure-based technology people could enjoy the diffusion of pure essential oil that is vaporized into fine particles - without addition of water, or any other chemicals, meaning the delivery of only the highest quality natural aroma with no contamination.

Multiple Aroma
Proprietary leak-proof structure that accommodates seamless interchange of different aroma bottles using one diffusion unit, therefore allowing easy change of aroma, avoiding olfactory fatigue (condition caused by prolonged exposure to just one aroma) and allowing the body to be re-stimulated with another aroma.

High Precision from App Control
With precision from app control, Aromeo is able to accurately monitor the amount of oil diffused, and hence control the aroma experience inside each room.

Low Energy Consumption Mode
Aromeo is always on low-power standby mode, unless it is diffusing. The two states are indicated by light indicators as a feedback to users.

Application of Smart Technology

Data Collection
The bundle service package of hardware device and software application, gives plenty of room for data collection. The software could collect data starting from user preferences, emotion, behavior etc. The device could collect data about the environment such as humidity, oil level, oil type etc.

Device management and update
Aromeo uses IoT technology to be able to simultaneously update, upgrade and manage multiple devices at the same time. Remote update is important to be able to fix bugs, update features, and modify to adjust product based on market feedback. Mass device management helps to monitor device status (faulty or working properly), manage inventory, and schedule refill time.

Data analytics
Data collected from the hardware device and software application can be analyzed to observe user behavior, preferences, emotions, and to see if users enjoy the aromatherapy experience. Over time, we could also provide these user (hotel guest) insight to the hotel, who could learn more about their own clients, to take care of their well-being and also for targeted marketing.

Michelle Fno is a founder of Miscato Limited, a Hong Kong based company that offers Aromeo Diffuser (Smart Aroma Diffuser for Room Hospitality) and Aromeo Corporate Wellness Workshops (workshops for corporate clients with the main area in aromatherapy). She has been working in the wellness industry particularly in aromatherapy and organic skincare for the last 5 years, with strong focus of innovating in the wellness industry and finding new ways to deliver wellness using technology. As a trained Industrial Engineer and Teaching Assistant in Integrated Systems Design at HKUST, she uses various methodologies to discover and solve customer needs.